Amber & Katherine

Aussie Amber sits behind Katherine, combing her hair. As she poses her hand in Katherine’s thigh, her skirt slides upwards and we get a glimpse of her worn out panties. Passionately kissing each other, Katherine pulls Amber’s top apart, letting her nipples surface as she starts licking them.
Taking the initiative, Amber goes down into Katherine’s legs, pulling apart her panties, she starts to playfully lick her clit as she slides her fingers into her already wet vagina. Katherine holds Amber’s head in between her legs as she moans in pleasure. Both girls masturbate each other before some passionate tribbing before cuddling in the sofa.



Is she really Vicki? She rather looks like Viking, hiding inside from the Scandinavian cold. Lovely girl whatsoever.
That’s a beautiful face.В  I’ll never fail to appreciate a brunette like Vicki with pale skin, freckles and lovely blue eyes.В  She has a body that looks nicely padded against the elements as well. Vicki either has a very idiosyncratic sense of dress with the fur hat, crochet shawl and ugg boots or is happy to grab whatever is at hand when it is so cold. I don’t know but I’m guessing the second.



Once upon a time, in an enchanted garden, there lived a beautiful young woman, who had the sweetest innocent smile and most sparkling eyes in all the land. And when any person stared too deeply into her eyes, they would be charmed by a magical spell, so they would dream of her wondrous body and never of anything else, forever more…
Wow Abby, she’s absolutely beautiful. Spellbinding, captivating, is there a good enough word? I don’t think i’ll be able to get enough of that intoxicating smile and gorgeous eyes. Lovely body, great breasts and thank goodness, has pubic hair as well!
I can’t get past looking at her face and stunning spunkiness though! Thanks Abby, ‘parfait’ as Le French say. And to you too lovely Paula, wow again.



With a smile on her face, Maia slowly takes off her bra while squeezing her large boobs and looks at the camera through her glasses. Through the edge of her shorts, we can see her girlie panties before she takes them off and displays her perfectly shaved vulva.
Spreading her legs in the couch, Maia wraps her boobs using a small belt that she also uses to squeeze her butt cheeks. On all fours, she raises her butt providing a clear view of her pink anus.



WOW!!!!!!! Those are not eyes that I looking at. Those are her areolas sorry. “Hey mister my eyes are up here not down there”. Do I have to look up to the sky to see her beauty because Darya have got legs that goes up for ever. I thought I had the best legs in the worldВ  until Darya comes along. That body of hers. I prefer look at her naked then those so called skinny runway models with bearing hanging cloths they are wearing.



Stephanie bends over on the edge of her bed, her bum in booty shorts pushed up high in the air. She starts playing with the seams of the shorts, pulling them up higher and higher, revealing more her round cheeks.
Stephanie grabs the neck of her top and gently, with one finger, pulls it down her breasts. She then rolls up her top and exposes her delicate tanlines, which surround her young and pert breasts. With her pink hair clip she grabs her transparent underwear and pulls it down her smooth thighs, exposing her hairy pubic region.